BOULDER, Colo. – When a pregnant woman went into labor Friday morning, she rushed to her polling place before heading to the hospital.

Sosha Adelstein and Max Brandel were expecting a baby girl on election day, but on Friday morning, she went into labor.

The Colorado couple stopped at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office to drop off their ballots before continuing on to the hospital, the Boulder Daily Camera reports.

A photo shows the couple standing in front of an “I voted” sign at their polling place before heading to the hospital.

“They came in to drop off their ballots and sign the ballot envelopes,” Boulder County spokeswoman Mircalla Wozniak told the Daily Camera. “The election judge could tell she was in labor.”

Brandel said her and his wife voted for Hillary Clinton.

“It’s really important for us to bring our girl into a world we are proud of,” Brandel told the Daily Camera. “We hope people realize the risks inherent in this election and get out and vote.”

Woman in labor casts her vote before heading to the hospital

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