A 91-year-old woman is thanking two police officers for taking care of her after she was robbed at a supermarket.

“I think that’s terrible to go around robbing old people that don’t have very much to begin with,” Marie Morgan told WPBF.

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Morgan, 91, was shopping at a Publix supermarket in Boynton Beach, Florida, when one man approached her and struck up a conversation. Surveillance video captured another man reaching into Morgan’s purse to steal her wallet while she was distracted.

“It had cards in it, it had my license, and I was half crying and shaking so bad,” said Morgan.

Video shared by the Boyton Beach Police Department shows Morgan breaking down in tears when she explained to officers what happened to her.

Two officers responded to the call and went above and beyond to help Morgan.

“Her main concern was getting home and getting her groceries, so I was able to talk to the manager at Publix,” said Officer Janelle Jumelles. “If something like that happened to my grandmother or family member of mine, I would have like an officer to do the same.”

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