A police officer is going viral after teaching a young man how to tie a tie when he was “too embarrassed” to ask for help.

X’zavier was at the Indiana State House recently to receive the “Youth of the Year” award from his local Boys and Girls Club, according to Inside Edition.

X’zavier was escorted to the ceremony by his aunt Victoria Mada and her sister. After they ate lunch, X’zavier’s tie came loose.

“My sister & I do not know how to tie a tie & my nephew was too embarrassed to ask anyone else,” Mada wrote in thank-you note shared by the Indiana Going Blue Facebook page.

Mada asked an officer for help and he immediately stopped to teach X’zavier how to fix his tie. Before leaving, he congratulated X’zavier on his award and shook his hand.

“As a former 911 dispatcher it meant a lot to me to show my nephew that cops are not bad people & that he can trust them & count on them to help him in any situation, even something as small as tying a tie,” wrote Mada.

When this boy was “too embarrassed” to ask for help, this police officer stepped in

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