NORTHPORT, N.Y. – A mother is enjoying her new baby girl after two police officers saved the baby’s life following an eventful arrival.

According to WABC, Katherine Leonard went into labor earlier this month at home, and wasn’t able to make it to the hospital. A construction worker was doing repairs at Leonard’s home at the time and helped dial 911.

A frantic 911 call captured Leonard’s panic as she realized her daughter wasn’t breathing.

Moments later, two police officers arrived.

“I saw the mom sitting on the floor of the bathroom, and she was holding the baby,” said Officer Steven Golub. “And I immediately knew the baby was turning blue, and I knew the baby needed to start breathing.”

Officer Devin Humphreys knew exactly what to do.

“I called over my shoulder,” said Humphreys. “I was like, ‘Get me a turkey baster! Anything with suction.'”

The officers were able to find an eyedropper and used that to remove fluid from the baby’s airway.

Within moments, the baby started to cry.

Thanks to the officers’ quick thinking, both mom and baby are doing well.

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