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Grant Tribbett planned the perfect day to propose to his girlfriend. After breakfast at their local Cracker Barrel in Fishers, Indiana, Tribbett took his girlfriend, Cassandra Reschar, and Adrianna, her daughter from a previous relationship, to a bridge inside Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve.

Hiding in the woods was Tribbett’s friend and photographer, Mandi Gilliland, who he asked the previous day to arrive 30 minutes before the couple would get there.

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After getting to the spot on the bridge, Tribbett got down on one knee and asked Reschar to marry him, to which she said “yes.” But, he wasn’t done, as he had another surprise in store for his now-fiancée and her daughter.

Tribbett told ABC News that after Reschar said yes, he got down on one knee again with a heart-shaped necklace and asked Adrianna if he could be her dad. He told the 5-year-old that he promised to always love and protect her, and she said “yes” to his proposal.

Reschar said that she started shaking and crying, and it wasn’t the cute kind of crying.

“It just took my breath away,” she said. “It’s been a long time coming for her. It’s just every prayer that I’ve had since she was little that I could find someone who loved her just as much.”

Tribbett said he knew he would be committing to fatherhood when proposing to Reschar, so it was important for him to include Adrianna.

“So what better way to ask the love of my life to marry me than to ask her beloved daughter to get the honor to be her daddy?” he said. “[I’m] also excited to be a father to Adrianna and help raise her.”

The couple plans to exchange vows in a barn wedding in December.

Two proposals in one day: man proposes marriage to his girlfriend and fatherhood to her daughter Photo: Mandi Gilliland Photography

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