Two recent police academy graduates who are now officers with the Los Angeles Police Department are carrying on their father’s legacies.

Retired Officers David Winslow and Timothy Wunderlich graduated together from the academy in the 1980s and were both assigned to the 77th division. Winslow wore badge number 9509 and Wunderlich number 9510.

Their sons, officers Steven Winslow and Eric Wunderlich, received the same badge numbers and division assignment as their fathers.

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“I was surprised when he said he wanted to become a police officer,” David told ABC7 KABC regarding Steven. “I had never suggested to any of my kids that I want you to be cops. I never did that.”

Steven said having the same badge number and assignment as his father serves as a reminder of his upbringing.

“It’s a good reminder every day of where I came from and why I even came on the job in the first place,” he said.

The younger Wunderlich said he always looked up to his father. He saw his father in the police uniform all the time and wanted to do the same thing.

While the fathers acknowledged differences between them and their sons, as David said Steven is better prepared than he was and Timothy said Eric is more of a tactician, all four officers recognize the power of the badge.

“This is the most important thing to me,” Steven said. “You can steal everything in my locker if you want, as long as you just leave that.”

Two LAPD officers are continuing their fathers’ legacies ABC7 KABC Screenshot

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