A veteran is searching for a couple who quietly paid his $300 bill at a restaurant ahead of Veteran’s Day.

Scott Stranne of Lacey, Washington recently returned home from his first tour in Afghanistan. He met up with a group of friends from his motorcycle club Thursday at an Applebee’s restaurant, KOMO reports.

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“We were being very loud, just like a good group of friends,” Stranne said.

Later, when Stranne asked their manager for the check, she told them a couple had already taken care of them.

“The manager came out and told us that the couple sitting across the aisle who had already left had paid $300 for our bill, which covered everyone’s meal,” Stranne said.

Stranne was incredibly grateful, and wanted to properly thank the couple for what they did. So he took to Facebook, hoping to track them down.

“It gives everyone faith in humanity. Everyone at that table had a slice of humility that night,” Stranne said.

So far, he hasn’t found the couple yet.

Washington has proven itself to be a very generous state when it comes to thanking its veterans. Another story went viral a few years back, when an anonymous stranger picked up the bill for a fellow service member.

Soldier Brian King and a few others with the Washington Army National Guard were eating lunch at Uncle Buck Fishbowl and Grill in Tacoma, Washington. When the waitress handed him the bill, he realized it was already paid for.

“Thanks for your service gentlemen,” the mystery veteran simply wrote.

The Marine didn’t introduce himself to King, who said he just wants to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to soldiers.

“If I track him down, I’d love to buy him a meal or buy him a drink to say thank you,” King told KIRO-TV at the time.

“This Marine really knows what it means to take care of our fellow service members,” King said. “We pay it forward often to service members who are underpaid for the work, time away from loved ones and the others’ sacrifices that they have stepped up to do voluntarily.”

As the search continues, comments are building on King’s Instagram from other users, thanking both men for their service.

King wrote in the caption that when he finds himself thinking no one cares he is a soldier, someone redeems his faith in society.

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