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ROTHSAY, Minn. — A Minnesota state trooper had a busy-yet-satisfying Friday, first retrieving a lost dog for a college student involved in a spinout accident and then getting Christmas presents back to members of a family who were victims of a rollover crash.

“We just serve,” Sgt. Jesse Grabow told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “That is what is interesting about this job. You never know what is going to come across.”

Sequoia Krell, a student at the University of North Dakota, was driving home for the holidays when her car slid on the icy road and then was hit by a semitruck.

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Krell and the truck driver were OK; however, Roo, Krell’s dog, ran off during the turmoil.

Grabow tracked the dog through the fresh snow to a nearby farmhouse. Usually he has dog treats in his cruiser; however, Grabow was out of them, so it took a little longer to coax Roo into the back of his car.

Grabow took Roo back to Krell, who was waiting at a nearby truck stop.

“There were happy tears,” Grabow said. “Sometimes we can’t find the pets. It’s nice when we can find the animal and reunite them.”

Grabow was then called to another accident in the same area where a family members of a family driving from North Dakota to Wisconsin rolled their vehicle.

A woman was injured and Grabow took her to the hospital where she told him the family’s Christmas presents were still in the overturned vehicle.

Grabow went back to the accident scene, collected the presents and returned them to the family.

“We see so many bad things out here, it’s crazy,” Grabow said. “It’s nice to have a good ending.”

This trooper went above and beyond to help a woman and her dog after a crash

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