A young man is beating the odds, earning a college degree despite his stepfather’s doubts.

Davion Reeder graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree last week.

His tweet commemorating the occasion went viral, after he acknowledged that his stepdad didn’t think he would succeed.

“My stepdad told me it was pointless to go to orientation, and I wasn’t going to graduate,” Reeder wrote on Twitter. “4 years later, he in jail & I’m well…”

Along with the tweet, he posted a photo of himself in a cap and gown, wearing a big smile.

“When I tweeted it I was just looking at my picture and the emotion was kind of ironic. I was saying because of two situations we’re two black statistics and he’s on the bad statistic on the negative in jail and I’m on the good statistic on the black man who just graduated college,” Reeder told WXYZ.

His JROTC teacher, Kevin Myles, stayed in touch with Reeder, always believing in him.

“This was a young man that was really destined for greatness because he wanted to persevere and endure,” Myles said.

Reeder is still figuring out what’s next. He said he’s staying busy with a program he started to mentor young kids with big dreams.

This teen is getting praise for proving his naysaying stepdad wrong and graduating from college Twitter / @_justcallmekidd

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