A 5-year-old girl is thanking her favorite police officer for making her birthday party extra special.

Evie Flanagan of Augusta, Maine, met Officer Brad Chase at a “coffee with a cop” event. Evie showed up dressed in her police uniform with her family after the event was cancelled due to bad weather.

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To make up for it, Chase gave the family a private tour of the police department.

The gesture only made Evie adore police officers even more.

“Evie has wanted to become a cop since the ‘Zootopia’ movie came out,” mom Lauren Flanagan told ABC News. “She’s been perfectly committed to the idea.”

On May 13, Evie celebrated her 5th birthday with a police-themed party. She had no idea her favorite officer would be there to celebrate with her.

“When he walked up the driveway, her face lit up,” said Flanagan.

Photos shared to Facebook by the police department show Evie and Chase posing for photos with a police-themed cake.

“That was the highlight of her little 5-year life,” said Flanagan.

This sweet girl couldn’t believe her eyes when a special guest showed up to her police-themed birthday Facebook / Augusta Maine Police Department

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