Thousands of strangers around the country are thanking a man who lost everything during Hurricane Irma, but is still going above and beyond for his neighbors, who he says are worse-off than him.

Julio Melendez lived in a trailer park in Marathon, Florida, according to a Facebook post shared by the Love What Matters page. He lost everything during the hurricane and is now living in his pickup truck.

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He has been spending his days shuttling water and food in his truck to people affected by the storm.

“He has an enormous heart and hasn’t stopped helping those around him that like he says ‘are in a worse situation than him,'” wrote Vane Lozano in the post shared by Love What Matters. “He has been using his truck to pick up ice and water and delivering it to all the victims stranded without transportation.”

Melendez received a free air mattress, and when asked what he was going to do with it, he said he plans to donate it to someone who needs it more than him.

Before the storm, Melendez worked as a landscaper.

“If anyone knows of a job for him, let’s help him out!! I am not sure if he lost his equipment too during the hurricane. This silent hero needs a home,” wrote Lozano.

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