An 11-year-old boy got the surprise of a lifetime when his big brother showed up unexpectedly after a two-year deployment overseas.

Damon Chiodo, 11, is a sixth grader in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His older brother, Specialist Devin Tomei, is an Army helicopter mechanic stationed in Germany, WTAE reports. He hadn’t seen his family in two years and decided to make his homecoming extra special for his little brother.

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At school last month, Damon read an essay aloud to his class explaining his hero, his older brother. He spoke about his brother’s bravery and their friendship. Little did he know his brother was there, listening the entire time.

After Damon finished his speech, Devin emerged from backstage. Damon screamed, jumped into his arms, and immediately burst into tears.

“I’m still shaking from the happiness,” Damon later told WTAE.

“Noting could compare to that. It just felt amazing,” Devin agreed.

Teachers at Damon’s school gave him the rest of the day off to spend time with his brother.

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