WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Hillary Clinton was spotted taking a hike with her dog just two days after losing the presidential race.

Wearing a cheerful smile and an outfit that wasn’t a pantsuit, Clinton posed for a photo with a woman who just happened to run into her on the trail.

According to a Facebook post, an unnamed woman who lives in White Plains, New York, not far from the Clintons, ran into the former presidential front-runner while on a hike.

“My office is not far from where the Clintons live,” wrote Gregory Locke. “My paralegal’s old roommate (in blue) just sent her this picture of a chance encounter on a hike today–a hike she took to take her mind off as “nasty” encounter with a Trump supporter neighbor.”

Locke said seeing the photo made him smile, even though he’s still upset about the election results.

“This made me really, really happy. Hillary Clinton isn’t where she wanted to be today, but she looks casual and relaxed… maybe for the first time since about 1979,” wrote Locke. “I’m still upset about Trump, and I’m sure Hillary is concerned about the future of people Trump won’t protect… but knowing Hillary seems happy helps just a little bit.”

This is what Hillary Clinton is doing just two days after her presidential loss

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