By Sarah Elsesser, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A firefighter is going viral for not letting a lot of rain ruin his evening.

Derek Knight, a firefighter from Arkansas, was directing traffic after major flooding impacted the area, but decided to kick it up a notch, KNWA reported.

In the video, Knight can be seen karate chopping, kicking, shaking his hips and striking a pose.

“We’d been up for quite some time. It was getting a little weary,” Knight told KNWA. “I was a little loopy from being so tired but they started putting music on the PA system on the truck and I started dancing.”

With Carl Douglas’ classic tune playing, Knight danced his way into the hearts of internet users. The video has almost 2,000 likes on Facebook and was viewed 93,000 times.

The comments on the video were just as sweet as his moves.

This firefighter embraced the moment and danced in the rain to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’

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