An young girl’s prayer is going viral on social media.

A photo posted to Facebook by Martha Bosquez shows her granddaughter, 8-year-old Paige Velazquez, bowing her head in prayer with eight officers with the San Antonio Police Department.

“I just went over to them and I prayed,” Paige told KABB. “I did it because I believe in Jesus, and I think they needed a prayer right then.”

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The officers laid one of their own to rest last week. Officer Miguel Moreno was killed in the line of duty on June 29.

“A wonderful moment to lift our spirits on the hardest of days,” the San Antonio Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Paige said she often prays for people and encouraged others to do the same.

“Always pray for people, even when you don’t know them,” said Vazquez. “It could be some strangers. One day they’re really going to need it.”

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