A set of formerly conjoined twins are recovering after doctors performed an 11-hour surgery to separate them.

Ten-month-old twins Erin and Abby Delaney of North Carolina were born conjoined at the tops of their heads, a condition known as craniopagus. Their parents, Heather and Riley Delaney, first learned their twin girls were conjoined at 11 weeks into pregnancy.

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Erin and Abby were born via c-section at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 10 weeks early in July 2016, the hospital said. They have been in the hospital ever since.

After months of preparation, doctors performed the delicate surgery on June 6. Now for the first time the girls are laying side-by-side, recovering.

Heather and Riley say they’re looking forward to finally bringing their daughters home later this year.

“When we go home, it’s going to be a big party,” says Heather. “Welcome home, baby shower, first birthday.”

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