CANTON, N.C. – A simple act of kindness is raising awareness is touching the hearts of man people online.

At an Ingles supermarket in Canton, North Carolina an older woman was checking out when it suddenly started to pour outside.

Workers told WLOS that the woman was a familiar face in the store. Bagger Aaron Sanfers offered to escort the woman to her car with an umbrella.

“I asked her if I could help her out and she said no a couple of times,” said Sanders. “And I just said I prefer if I helped you out. And then she said OK.”

A co worker as his act of kindess and quickly snapped a photo. She posted it to Ingles’ Facebook page where it went viral.

Sanders walked back into the store soaking wet, but was welcomed by a warm round of applause.

And of couse, just like any gentleman would, Sanders credits his mother for always teaching him to do the right thing.

“She’s always been there and taken care of me. She always made sure that I was fed even if she didn’t eat that night,” said Sanders. “So my respect goes to her.”

The story behind this touching photo will restore your faith in humanity

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