A woman thought to be the oldest working nurse in America is celebrating her 92nd birthday.

Florence “See See” Rigney has been working at Tacoma General in Washington since graduating for its nursing school just after WWII.

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“I don’t know if people think I’ve got rocks in my head for still working or what,” Rigney told KING.

Rigney’s colleagues say despite her age, she still buzzes around the hospital, setting up operating tables and helping to prepare patients for surgery

NBC News reports she retired briefly at age 67, but just six months later she returned.

“I just feel very honored that they’ll still let me work,” said Rigney.

“I have something to get up for in the morning,” Rigney told NBC News. “And I do like to be able to interact with patients and give them comfort and what help I can.”

The oldest working nurse in America is celebrating another birthday with a smile Video screenshot

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