By Matt Wotus

A police officer in Waco, Texas, helped an elderly woman get home after her electric wheelchair broke, the city’s police department posted on Facebook.

Officer Fadeyi was getting something to eat after his shift ended and was told by employees that there was a woman who had been at the restaurant for nearly four hours.

Fadeyi approached the woman, who told him her wheelchair was broken and that she had no way to get to her apartment, which was rather far down the road. The officer got in touch with dispatch, who found a wheelchair at the police department. Two officers, Offer Draper and Officer Reyes, brought the wheelchair to Fadeyi, who along with Draper helped the woman get into it and gathered her belongings.

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Draper, uncertain the woman would be able to make it back to her apartment on her own, decided to push her home in the wheelchair while Fadeyi carried her belongings.

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