As shelters in Dallas fill up with Texans seeking refuge from Tropical Storm Harvey, they are also stuffed to near capacity with supplies donated from droves of community members turning out to provide comfort to their neighbors.

Some shelters turned away supplies as families from around Texas came to storm shelters Monday to drop off food and clothes. Surplus supplies were sent to smaller shelters around south Texas.

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“I brought a box of five warm, cooked chickens from home,” Dallas resident Colleen O’Connor told WFAA as she dropped off supplies at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center. ” Because I thought people were getting tired of eating canned soup constantly.”

Volunteers from the Red Cross and Dallas Community Emergency Response team worked 12-hour shifts to find lodging for families and find accommodations for kids who need to attend school.

The Walnut Hill shelter will be open at least through Friday. Shelter coordinators will determine whether it needs to stay open through later in the week.

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