Pool goers in St. Louis will be a little safer thanks to high school student’s simple idea.

Lynly Brennan, 16, managed to raise enough money to install sunscreen dispensers at three pools in her area. The high school student told KTVI she got the idea while working on a research project for school.

“Just by applying sunscreen — if you apply 30 SPF and wear it regularly, it actually decreases your chance of getting skin cancer by 80 percent, which is amazing,” she said.

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She learned about a program in Boston that installs sunscreen dispensers at pools and parks.

“I sent 43 letters to local dermatologists, local pool patrons and local people who I thought would really enjoy this idea,” said Brennan.

Brennan’s idea and initiative are inspiring to the adults in her area.

“It’s a kind of thing that we can take pride in, that we have such great students,” said City of Clayton Aquatic Supervisor Karen Herbig.

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