LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A teenager who admits he hasn’t always been well behaved is going viral after giving his shoes to a homeless man.

“I was a bad person,” LaRon Tunstill , Jr. told WHAS. “I used to steal, and all that kind of stuff.”

Tunstill, who goes by Ron Ron, spent Labor Day feeding the homeless. He came across a man whose shoes were tattered and threadbare.

“I sat down, and I was talking to the dude, and he told me his story so I started crying because it’s painful,” said Tunstill .

Tunstill took off his own shoes, a pair of air Jordan 11’s, and gave them to the man, wanting to help in a small way. The photo was shared to Facebook by Purpme, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless.

The photo has since gone viral, getting tens of thousands of shares.

His mother told WAVE she worried for her son’s future, after some kids in the neighborhood started to get in trouble for robberies and vandalism.

“We see shooting. Kids robbing people. Kids breaking in and vandalizing. It’s a lot right where we live,” said mom Camille Carter.

So instead of getting mixed up with the wrong people, Tunstill decided to spend his free time helping others.

“I’m just trying to do right,” Tunstill told WAVE. “I’m trying to change the world.”

Teen cries at homeless man’s story, does something amazing to help

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