SHREVEPORT, La. – A teacher is engaging students by creating rap songs alongside her lesson plans.

“The old way of learning is out, it’s outdated,” teacher Kristin Chavis told KSLA.

Chavis is a 9th-grade biology teacher at Green Oaks High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. She noticed that her traditional lesson plans weren’t exciting her students.

Then, she had an idea.

“All of a sudden one night I started hearing ‘circulatory system, circula-circulatory system,'” said Chavis.

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Since then, she has written rap songs into her lesson plan to help students learn the material quickly.

“It’s all repetitive, it’s all soaking in,” said Chavis.

And so far, her methods have been effective, engaging students like never before

“If I come in any other classes, I either go to sleep or I don’t listen, and drown the teacher out,” said student Ebony Reliford. “But in Ms. Chavis’ class, she breaks it down for us to understand.”

Chavis shared her raps on her YouTube channel. Check some of them out below:

Teacher writes rap songs to teach her kids, sees huge difference in their performance

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