LAWRENCE, Kan. – Moments after a Kansas University student won $10,000 on a half-court shot at a basketball game, she declared she would be giving it all to her grandmother to thank her.

“She’s my mom. She’s my dad. She’s my grandma — she’s everything,” sophomore Jordan Stiers told the Kansas City Star. “She has done so much for me, taught me so much.”

Roxanne Edwards, Steirs’ parental grandmother, plucked her from foster care when she was 10 years old. She also stepped in to raise four of Steirs’ siblings.

On Saturday, Steirs was attending a KU basketball game and entered a contest. She was able to select one person to sink a half-court shot. The winning prize was $10,000.

She chose KU basketball director Brennan Bechard. After missing a practice shot, he sunk the winning basket, the Kansas City Star reports.

Stiers was in complete shock.

“I don’t have words. I still don’t have words,” Stiers said. “I don’t know. It was crazy.”

She had no doubt about what she would do with the money. She said there’s no way to even begin thanking her grandmother for what she’s done for her and her siblings, but $10,000 is a good start.

“There’s nothing I can do to repay her, but this will say thank you a little bit,” said Steirs.

Student wins $10,000 at basketball game, gives it all to grandmother who saved her from foster care

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