A little dog spotted darting through traffic is safe thanks to a group of strangers who came together to catch it.

According to reporter Pat Battle with NBC New York, she first spotted the chihuahua while at the Bergen Country Courthouse in New Jersey, as she filed a story for the newscast. The dog was dangerously darting into traffic. She saw a young boy chasing the dog and quickly ran to help.

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“The boy was calling her, I was calling her — she listened but did not obey,” Battle wrote in a story.

She and the boy, Ethan, chased the dog for a few minutes. Soon, a police officer spotted the commotion and quickly joined the effort. Eventually about 10 strangers were helping to catch the dog.

Thirty minutes later, they finally lured her from a hiding place with bits of turkey and chicken. The dog, appropriately nicknamed Go-Go, will spend 10 days in the shelter. If no one claims her, Ethan’s mom said the family would be happy to adopt her.

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