A man is thanking his son-in-law for donating part of his liver to make sure he lived to see his daughter’s wedding day.

Bob Mulkern of Boston was diagnosed with liver cancer and liver disease last year.

“Within six months, I started to feel drained,” Mulkern told WCBV.

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Doctors told him his best option was to get a liver transplant from a living donor.

None of Mulkern’s immediate family were a match. But his daughter’s fiance, Nick Johnas, ended up being a perfect match.

“I just couldn’t live the rest of my life knowing that I could’ve done something,” said Johnas.

In February, doctors took 60 percent of Johnas’ liver and transplanted it to Mulkern. The results couldn’t be better.

“Within the first year, it does most of its growing and it’ll come up to the size that’s needed for Bob. The body has a magical way of knowing how much liver is needed, and the same for Nick,” Doctor Parsia Vagefi told WCBV.

Months after the transplant, both men were dancing the night away at Johnas’ wedding to Amanda, Mulkern’s daughter.

“She’s always been my princess, and we have our whole future as a family to look forward to, and I’m really looking forward to it,” Mulkern said.

To learn more about the living donor program, click here.

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