COLUMBIA, S.C. – A single mother working as a waitress says she was touched by a generous tip a stranger left her after noticing she could use some help.

Ebonii Green, 26, of Columbia, South Carolina says she’s preparing to finish her nursing degree at South University. She’s a single mother of a 2-year-old daughter.

Green was bartending at Columbia Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, South Carolina on January 4th.

“There were a lot delayed flights and there were a few people who were just sitting with me for hours,” Green told WLTX.

Green said she was chatting with some of her customers to pass the time. Little did she know that one passenger was listening more closely than she thought.

“We were talking about the irony of some things,” said Green. “I said, ‘You want to know what’s ironic? My laptop got stolen the week before Christmas and I just got an email today saying all of my textbooks for school are online.'”

Luckily, Green and her daughter weren’t home at the time of the robbery, but she has been worried about how not having a laptop will impact her at school.

After the stranger at the bar wrapped up his meal, Green picked up his signed bill and was shocked by what she saw.

The stranger left a $300 tip with a message.

“Enjoy the laptop!” the customer wrote on the bill. “Hope it helps with school.”

“It was the nicest thing ever,” said Green. “Hopefully I’ll have that degree by 2018.

Single mom working on nursing degree gets generous tip from stranger at airport

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