A little girl born with a rare genetic disorder is feeling a little happier today after a visit from her favorite singer, Ed Sheeran.

Melody Driscoll was born with Retts Syndrome. Doctors didn’t expect her to live past age four, but at age 9, she is still fighting. She can’t speak, but she understands everything, her family says.

Because of her condition, she has spent most of her life in the hospital. The one thing that always lifts her spirits is music from her favorite artist, Ed Sheeran.

According to Sky News, the singer dropped by after her family and Croydon Police launched a campaign to organize a visit between Melody and the singer.

Video show Melody beaming and nodding along as Sheeran sang his hit song “Photograph” to her.

Melody’s family penned a touching letter to Sheeran on Facebook, thanking him for the special visit to their “princess.”

“You don’t realize what that means to us all. For Melody to feel included. You are a true inspiration to everyone and I can see exactly why Melody fell in love with you. I’m so glad she chose you to be her Prince,” the family wrote.

Check out videos from the touching visit below:

Singer Ed Sheeran surprises his princess in the hospital

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