A cancer survivor is thanking a new friend for donating a college scholarship to him.

Chase Bradley of Hyde Park High School knows what a cancer battle is like. His older sister was diagnosed with cancer five years ago and beat it.

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The experience made him an advocate for cancer research.

“As we progressed through the challenge […] I kind of became more passionate for cancer survivors and people who are going through it,” Bradley told KXAN.

Bradley and earned a scholarship after raising $57,000 for cancer research. But instead of keeping the $2,500 prize for himself, he gave it to Sergio Garcia, a senior at nearby Anderson High School who beat leukemia.

“In my freshman year, during finals, I was diagnosed with leukemia and had to fight it for almost a year,” said Garcia. “It was a lot of time, going to the hospital, to the clinic. I fought for my life, but I’m here.”

Garcia, now cancer-free, says he’s grateful for friends like Bradley.

“I’m really grateful to him. And I’m really glad in meeting him, because I know he’s going to be there when I need him,” said Garcia. “And I’m going to be there when he needs me.”

Selfless teen donates scholarship to high school senior who overcame cancer Video screenshot

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