Doctors say a preschooler is recovering after a successful kidney transplant from her preschool teacher.

Teacher Beth Battista of Madison, Wisconsin went viral last month thanks to a video shared to Facebook, showing her surprising mom Dena Carreyn with the good news. Carreyn’s daughter, Lyla, has a rare autoimmune disorder that causes kidney failure.

Carreyn launched a nationwide search for a kidney match for her daughter, and discovered just a few weeks later that Battista was a perfect match.

On Feb. 22, doctors performed the transplant surgery on Battista and Lyla. Both are resting after a successful transplant, according to a post by UW Health.

Battista hopes her story encourages others to become living donors.

“I always knew I was meant to be a wife and a mom and a teacher,” says Beth. “This was just another calling. I wanted to give Lyla the future. A normal, happy, healthy future and I want anyone who has this same feeling to go in and get tested as a donor and give the gift of life.”

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