Savannah Guthrie took a brief break from maternity leave to surprise her co-host Matt Lauer during his 20th anniversary celebration on the Today Show.

Lauer was clearly thrilled to see Guthrie on the Plaza Friday morning. As he ran outside, he was greeted first by the Today Show crew, then the anchors. At the end of the line were both Guthire and new mom Dylan Dryer, who is also on maternity leave.

“Oh my goodness! What are you doing?” Lauer exclaimed when he saw his co-host.

“I couldn’t miss it,” Guthrie told Lauer with a smile.

“I can’t believe you came in for this,” said Lauer, giving Guthrie another hug.

Katie Couric, Lauer’s first NBC co-host, was also helping Lauer celebrate by hosting with him Friday.

Watch the touching moment below:

Savannah Guthrie makes unexpected return for Matt Lauer’s 20th anniversary

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