ARNOLD, Mo. – A single dad is thanking a school principal for making sure his son didn’t miss out on the traditional mother-son dance.

The mother-son dance is an annual tradition at Rockport Elementary in Arnold, Missouri.

Mason is being raised by his single dad, Zack, who goes above and beyond to be both a mother and a father to his children.

“He always tries to be mom,” Mason told KTVI. “He does my sister’s nails and does her hair.”

Zack offered to take Mason to the dance, but Mason refused and had no plans of attending, until his principal pulled him aside at school before the dance.

Principal Janine Hueter, invited Mason to attend the dance with her and her son.

“I said, ‘Hey, would you mind going with me tonight to the dance, if your dad will bring you up, I would be more than happy for you to join my boys and me for mother son night,'” Hueter said.

Mason’s plans instantly changed.

“I come to pick him up, and he’s like, ‘Dad, I’m going to mother-son night.’ And I’m like, ‘Well Nana’s out of town, your Aunt Katie’s out of town.’ And he goes, ‘No. Ms. Hueter came and asked me if I’d go with her.'”

Zack was touched by the gesture.

“She is always doing things for the kids and always reaching out and those things may not mean a lot to some people but to me as a single father her and this school have helped me out tremendously,” said Zack.

Ms. Heuter said it was a pleasure doing something nice for one of her students.

“Just to know that there’s some kids out there that don’t have a special lady in their life or a mother, and you know I think every kid deserves that. So it’s just a time that I could give myself to him and kind of take him to something special.”

Principal helps out single dad who had no one to escort son to mother-son dance

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