By Nicole Emmett, WSB-TV

DUNWOODY, Ga. – The Dunwoody Police Department is recognizing one of its officers for turning a traffic stop into a teaching moment.

Officer Jeffrey Leach stopped an SUV after noticing a child in a car without a car seat.

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The officer learned the driver did not have a car seat for his youngest child, the department said in a Facebook post Saturday.

“Rather than just issue a citation, Officer Leach used the stop as a teaching moment,” the post said.

Leach offered the driver a chance to accompany him to Target to buy a car seat.

“Leach is one of our car seat installation technicians, so he knows a thing or two about child car seats and their installation. The driver happily agreed and agreed to share his story. Officer Leach helped the driver pick out the perfect seat and installed it,” the department said.

“We’re super proud of Officer Leach for exercising a little compassion and helping keep our Dunwoody streets safe.”

Police officer helps driver pick out car seat for his child after traffic stop

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