NEW YORK – A New York City police officer is getting a lot of praise for going above and beyond to help a 70-year-old homeless man.

Transit officer Frank Rendina met 70-year-old Ron Brown several years ago, and chats with him about twice a month.

On Friday, Rendina noticed Brown digging through the trash. He asked if there was something he needed.

“His doctor told him he needed some diabetic socks and he couldn’t get the socks right now,” Redina told WABC. “So I told him, ‘No problem, bud. You know what, for Christmas, I will make sure you get your diabetic socks.'”

Redina made good on his promise, delivering them wrapped in Christmas paper to Brown, who couldn’t be more grateful.

“I feel great about the gift because I needed diabetic socks and I was unable at the time,” said Brown.

A stranger who witnessed the interaction posted a photo of Brown and Redina to social media where the story quickly went viral, getting more than 2,700 shares.

“It was just being nice to someone that needed something, it wasn’t anything outstanding. It was a couple of bucks,” said Rendina.

Police officer goes above call of duty to get homeless man what he desperately needed

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