A man who stole a pack of hot dogs was treated to a hot meal rather than a citation by a sympathetic responding officer.

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The Kentucky State Police trooper, who did not want to be named, was called to a grocery store after a man stole a pack of hot dogs, according to WYMT.

When the man told the trooper he stole them because he was hungry, the officer took the man to a restaurant, where he said he would pay for his meal.

However, the officer called the owner and was told the man would eat for free.

“I had all intentions of paying for his meal, I didn’t intend on it being a freebie for you all,” Thersey’s Restaurant quoted the officer as saying. “I’d feel better if you’d let me pay for it! I know you all aren’t a charity. I just wanted him to have a good meal. I knew you all would give it to him and let me pay after he left.”

Police officer buys hungry man a meal instead of charging him for stealing food Wikimedia Commons/Engl101caison

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