A military wife is thanking a photographer for gifting her a keepsake she will treasure forever.

Daphne Gimlin, 26, is 22 weeks pregnant with her third child. She and her two older kids are at home in Sumter, S.C., while her husband, 32-year-old Air Force Staff Sergean Richard Gimlin, is deployed near Dubai.

“We just miss him,” Daphne told WIS. “We just can’t wait for him to be back.”

Photographer Erin Kragt recently posted in a local Facebook group offering a free photo shoot for a military family.

Daphne jumped on the opportunity.

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A photo from the shoot features Daphne and the couple’s two older kids, a 5-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, alongside Richard, who is standing in Dubai. The photo shows him holding his 2-year-old son’s hand.

The photo got a lot of attention on Kragt’s Facebook page, garnering more than 170 likes and 100 shares.

Richard left for deployment when Daphne was 12 weeks pregnant. He is scheduled to return home in November, hopefully before Daphne’s Nov. 8 due date.

“My older children were both more than a week early,” Grimlin said. “I am hoping the baby holds on, but we’ll see!”

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