A set of parents are getting a lot of praise for building a Blockbuster Video inside their home for their autistic son.

Hector Andres Zuniga, 20, has autism and is non-verbal. Family members told the Huffington Post that he has been visiting a Blockbuster store near their home for years.

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His parents were heartbroken when he learned the store near his home was closing soon.

“He’s all heart, he’s very tender, but like anyone else, he has bad days,” said dad Hector Sr. “And we knew one of those bad days were around the corner when we found out that the Blockbuster was about to close.”

Hector Sr.’s wife, Rosa, got the idea to build a Blockbuster video for their son inside their home, since the store would be selling out their inventory anyway.

“The employees told us when they’d start selling their stock, and when they did, I was one of the first customers in the store,”said Hector Sr.

 Hector’s brother, Javier, posted pictures of the big surprise to Twitter. Photos show Hector clapping his hands as he admires the vast collection of movies that are now housed in the family’s home.
“It’s hard for my son to express emotions,” Hector Sr. said. “But when he saw the room, his eyes were as big as saucers.”
People on Twitter praised Hector Sr. and Rosa for going above and beyond for their son.
“Your parents are absolutely amazing for this,” wrote one Twitter user.
“You and your parents are wonderful souls!! No better love then the love from an autistic child. This warms my heart. Thank you for sharing!” wrote another.

Parents build store inside their home for son with autism when his favorite place was shutting down Twitter / @Javiii_Zuniga

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