Oprah Winfrey couldn’t hold back tears when remembering Mary Tyler Moore, who inspired her to continue her career in television.

When speaking with “Entertainment Tonight” on the phone Wednesday, Winfrey got emotional.

“What I’m grateful for is that, in my lifetime, I was able to share with her what her presence in television had meant to me as a young, growing, aspiring reporter,” said Winfrey.

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Moore died Wednesday from cardiopulmonary arrest after a battle with pneumonia.

Winfrey said watching “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” inspired her to start her own show.

“So, when I say that she had a powerful influence on me, it wasn’t just being that iconic figure that was women in the workforce, doing the same job I was doing, working in news as a journalist, in a newsroom, and who was single and really OK with it,” said Winfrey. “Every episode wasn’t about trying to find a man, it was about trying to find your way in life.”

“Entertainment Tonight” shared a clip of Winfrey’s talk show in 1997, when Moore surprised her on-air. Winfrey broke down in tears when Moore walked on to the set.

Watch the amazing moment below :

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Oprah breaks down in tears remembering her inspiration, Mary Tyler Moore

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