TULARE COUNTY, Calif. – A farm worker in California is going viral after a man snapped a photo of him and posted it to social media.

Everyday, the 68-year-old Pablo Iglesias picks oranges, grapes and mandarins in California. He has one leg, and insists on earning a living on his own, without any help.

“I get ready early in the morning. Four, five, I’m ready to go to work,” Iglesias told KMPH.

Twenty years ago, he lost his leg in a farm working accident in Mexico just three months after his wife passed away.

“I had to be strong. I didn’t want to be cooped up, feeling sorry for myself. I had to get to work,” said Iglesias.

He made the difficult decision to sell his house and leave his 8 children behind in Mexico, so he could come the the U.S. and try to earn a living.

Rolando Saldivar spotted Iglesias working in the orchard, snapped a photo of him and posted it to Facebook. The photo quickly went viral.

Iglesias says he’s not looking for handouts.

“Here’s somebody who really has a reason not to work, but is working,” Saldivar wrote on Facebook.

Watch the heartwarming story above.

One-legged farm worker picks oranges for a living, because he doesn’t believe in handouts

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