Matt Farrell had a decent game on Monday night — he scored 13 points and had seven assists in Notre Dame’s victory over Colgate.

But for the junior point guard, his night was made after the game ended, when his brother, a solder in the Army, walked onto the court. According to, Farrell’s brother Bo was deployed to Afghanistan in May and wasn’t expected to return home until February 2017.

Before receiving his surprise, Farrell was shown a video message that made it seem like Bo was still overseas.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Notre Dame coach Mike Brey and his staff had been planning the surprise for several weeks. After the game, Brey joked with reporters, saying “he’s very upset with me.”

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The Fighting Irish have a long road ahead of them if they hope to make a stab at the national championship. They are currently ranked 25th in the country, and Monday night’s game saw them give up a season-high 14 turnovers.

But for Matt Farrell, life is good; he described the post-game surprise as “the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.”

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