By Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

LAUREL, Md. — A police officer bought a struggling mother diapers after she was caught stealing them.

The woman paid for groceries but did not have enough money, about $15, for two packs of diapers she tried to shoplift, Laurel Police said.

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Officer Bennett Johns did not arrest the woman, instead he made the purchase, so that her infant son did not have to suffer.

“This mother was going out of her way and doing everything she can to provide for her kid and I can respect that,” Johns told WTTG. “I can sympathize with that as well so that is why I felt compelled to help the mother in purchasing the diapers for the kid.”

Johns did write her a citation for shoplifting.

The city is helping the woman, who has not been identified, find social and advocacy services.

Officer buys diapers for struggling mom who tried to steal them

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