A couple tied the knot on the same street they grew up on, surrounded by the neighbors who watched them grow up.

Susie and Miles Osei grew up in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The couple got engaged in January and didn’t want to waste time on finding another venue.

According to the Huffington Post, Susie’s mom suffers from Alzheimer’s. The coupled wanted to get married while her mother could still be fully present.

Having the wedding outside Susie’s childhood home seemed symbolic.

“We had out first kiss playing spin the bottle at my parents’ house on Pine Street, and Mount Prospect is where we grew up together,” Susie told the Huffington Post. “It just seemed more meaningful to be home for our big day and anywhere else.”

The couple told the Huffington Post that Miles was the star quarterback of the football team. Susie turned him down many times before she finally fell for him junior year of college.

When Susie asked neighbors if they would be OK with a block party wedding, they all enthusiastically agreed. She said everyone immediately offered their help.

“Although we were so thankful, we weren’t surprised. That’s Pine Street,” said Susie.

Neighbors helped make the center pieces and the wedding runner for the ceremony.

Wedding photos show Susie and Miles standing in their neighborhood street as they said their vows, with lights strung above their heads.

Even their wedding photographer was impressed with the touching and meaningful venue.

“If I could sum up yesterday in one word it would be ‘deep,'” photographer Lindsey Kay wrote on Facebook the day after the July 30 wedding. “Family and friends that love and support each other is exactly what life is about and EXACTLY what yesterday was about.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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