The kiss Navy SEAL Jonathan Grant and his wife, Laura Browning Grant, shared earlier this month is warming hearts all across the country.

Jonathan was severely injured in a car crash in March, which left him with a severe brain injury. He fell into a coma, but amazingly regained consciousness in May.

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Jonathan has been undergoing intense physical therapy for months. Earlier this month, he stood for the first time since the crash.

As Jonathan stood, he gave his bride a kiss. The touching moment between the North Carolina couple was captured on camera, and Laura shared it to Instagram.

“We hadn’t been able to stand and hold each other since before the accident, but as soon as we got him up, he started kissing my neck,” Laura told Cosmopolitan. “It gave me the chills — him kissing me back, you don’t realize how much that means until it’s almost taken away from you.”

 The special moment as been viewed more than 3 million times on Instagram.
Navy SEAL severely injured in accident stands to hold and kiss his wife for the first time in months

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