A mother to over 600 children is looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her family.

Ted MacDowell, 77, and his wife Raelene, 72, have fostered more than 630 children over the years, ABC News reports.

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The Redding, Calif., couple has been fostering children since 1978.

“We decided that taking care of other people’s babies while they get themselves treatment is what we wanted to do,” said Raelene.

The family lost their home to a fire in 2014 but got support from their community as they worked to rebuild.

The were relived that photos of the kids they had a hand in raising survived.

“Things turned out pretty good on that part,” Ted told KRCR.

Raelene told ABC News that this Mother’s Day, she’s looking forward to having a picnic with her family.

Mother to 630 children can’t wait for Mother’s Day Video screenshot

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