A mother and her son are both celebrating their first days of school — hers at dental school and his at preschool.

Mom Katie Tucker, 32, of Dallas, Texas, was surprised when she got her schedule for dental school, realizing he started the same day her son, Edric, started pre-school.

Katie earned an undergraduate degree in zoology and worked for the Dallas Zoo as a research assistant, according to ABC News. She got her master’s degree in behavior analysis a few years ago and is now pursuing a career in dentistry.

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“[Katie] actually had some training in calligraphy and said, ‘This could be a pretty good Pinterest project,'” dad Scott Tucker told ABC News.

Scott snapped the photo of his wife and son holding a chalkboard the day before they started school, since Katie had to leave early in the morning for a long commute.

Katie’s side of the chalkboard read, “First day of 22nd grade” while Edrick’s side read, “First day of pre-k.”

Scott shared the photo to Reddit, where it got a lot of attention. Scott said he’s excited for his wife’s new career.

“I’m extremely proud of what she’s been able to do and I’m fully supporting that,” said Scott.

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