A man with Down syndrome is thanking strangers around the country for helping him rebuild his prized movie collection after a wildfire destroyed his home.

Mark Orsillo, 34, was devastated when a a raging wildfire engulfed his family’s Oroville, Calif., home earlier this month. The family lost everything, including Mark’s collection of 400 DVDs.

“He has all the movies from the ’90s. He’s been collecting them for years,” Mark’s sister, Danielle Devine, told CBS News. “That’s Mark’s life. He’s a movie guy.”

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Danielle took to Facebook to ask for help. She asked her friends for help rebuilding Mark’s collection.

“He is an OCD movie collector and lost hundreds of movies. He spends most of his free time watching, organizing and talking about his movies,” wrote Danielle.

Within just a few days, strangers from around the country donated about 400 movies to Mark.

“Thank you so so so so much for the outpouring of love. My family can’t put into words how grateful we are,” wrote Danielle on Facebook.

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