By Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Helping others is something for which a Virginia YMCA childcare coordinator is known, so,  it really wasn’t a surprise when a photo of an unknown man helping an elderly woman across a busy street in Danville turned out to be Brandon Hairston.

The photo, which went viral, was taken by driver Amanda Logan as she waited for the man, who had stopped traffic to help the senior citizen cross the road.

“I want to share this young man’s kind act,” Logan said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“Today this elderly lady was trying to cross Piney Forest through moving traffic. She seemed a little confused as cars dodged her … cars were steadily trying to move around her, then this young man gets out of his car to help her cross in traffic.”

The situation could have ended in tragedy, but Hairston’s quick actions and random act of kindness  generated warm feelings and praise among drivers, like Logan, who saw it, and many others on Facebook.

Hairston said there are still “positive young people who are trying to make a difference” during an interview about the incident on River City TV.

“I thought that would be a time to, you know, show that all young people are not, you know, violent or into negative things.”

Man stops traffic to help elderly woman

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