Rosalyn Baldwin is only 7 years old, but she has a lot of love to give.

She’s traveling to all 50 states. Her mission: to hug a police officer in every state.

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“Some people have been mean to them. I want to make them feel better,” Rosalyn told WLS.

Rosalyn is from Chicago and is now traveling across the country with her mother, Angie Baldwin.

“She’s been asking me since the Baton Rouge shootings happened. She thought there was so much protesting, it was just – people need love. She says, ‘Mom, it’s about love. We need to love our officers,’” her mother said.

If you would like to follow Rosalyn’s journey, check out her Facebook page, Rosalyn Loves.

Little girl travels cross country with a mission to make cops feel loved Facebook/ RosalynLoves

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