Owen Wilson is back as Lightning McQueen this weekend in Disney Pixar’s “Cars 3.” This time he’s joined by some “scandalous” new cast members who say they’re thrilled to be working on a kid-friendly project for a change.

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Owen Wilson brought his family along to the world premiere at Walt Disney World in Anaheim, California and his kids loved it.

“Lightning has the crash and seeing my 3-year-old kind of stunned, I was like, ‘Okay we’ve got them,'” Wilson said.

Armie Hammer voices Jackson Storm, a newer, faster race car threatening to push McQueen out, something even the rich and famous can relate to.

“There’s 17, 18, 19-year-old actors coming into the scene,” said Hammer. “But now I’m adult. I’ve got 2 kids, a family, the whole thing. So you should gracefully move through your life getting older.”

Kerry Washington joins the cast as Natalie Certain, a smart, sleek car reminiscent of Washington’s iconic TV character, Olivia Pope on “Scandal.”

“My agent was like, ‘So Pixar has this role for you. She’s like a bossy pants, know-it-all, smart alec. And I was like, ‘Why are they thinking of me? I don’t understand,'” joked Washington. “But it’s fun to do a movie that my kids can watch because obviously, they’re not watching ‘Scandal.'”

Washington said she brought her mom and daughter along with her the first time she saw the finished movie.

“They both loved it we all loved it, which I think is so incredible that you can make a film that pleases everybody from your single digits all the way through your 70s,” said Washington. “That we’re all inspired and entertained is really quite a testament to the movie.”

Cristela Alonzo also joins the cast this season as Cruz Ramirez, a spunky trainer with an upbeat attitude.

Alonzo has established a name for herself in stand-up comedy and has a new Netflix special out now. But working with Disney has been a totally new experience.

“It’s weird to be part of this family where everybody knows it,” said Alonzo. “Everybody’s familiar with it. Not only that, but Pixar has such a great record of making you cry and adding heart and humanity to these stories that I just love being part of it.”

“Cars 3” hits theaters everywhere Friday.

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