BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – A homeless man came across thousands of dollars twice in the last month. Both times, he gave it all away.

The unidentified man recently walked into a police station to return thousands of dollars he found, according to ABC News.

After hearing his story, someone started a GoFundMe page to raise reward money for the big-hearted man. Without an address or phone number, it was difficult for police to track him down. When they finally did, they presented him with more than $4,800.

But instead of accepting the money, the man asked to donate it to a local group called Our Place. Their website says they help the working poor, impoverished elderly, mentally ill, physically challenged, addicted and the homeless.

The man has asked to remain anonymous; all we know if that he’s in his 60s.

Homeless man turns in $2,000, donates reward money

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